‘’I went to see Lachlan because I was having fairly acute back pain. Although a chiropractor assured me they would be able to help me, hundreds of dollars later and I had no relief at all. With a combination of needling, massage and a list of exercises to help protect my lower back from further injury – I can safely say that going to Lachlan is one of the best decisions I have made. I especially liked that with my specific injury, Lachlan didn’t pressure me into unnecessary follow up visits as he was able to address the problem on the spot. A great service overall.’’

Scott Nerlich

‘’Lachlan has been treating my long term health issues with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for over 12 months. His programs have increased my mobility, decreased my pain and helped me remove certain medications I no longer need allowing me to live a more independent life. By incorporating exercise and rehabilitation with activities I enjoy, he customises my treatment to suit both my physical and mental health which maximises the benefits. I’d highly recommend Lachlan and Return To Perform to anyone looking for real positive results – especially when you have been told you will have to live in pain and limited mobility for life, as it’s just not true’’

Peter Sheldon

‘’Lachlan is the best Physio in Adelaide. Highly recommend. Very professional, friendly and knows what he’s doing. My whole family see’s him, from sore backs to sport injuries my sons get playing footy. He has always fixed the problem. We won’t go to anyone else.’’

Sharon Mair

‘’Highly recommend Lachlan, especially for treatment regarding scoliosis. He has also treated me for stress fractures and my pre/post op of my spinal fusion’’

Ella Sheffield

‘’Lachlan is an awesome physio and knows exactly what he is doing, helped me get to the root cause of the problem sometime ago and whenever I’m in Adelaide and need a physio … I always go to him’’


‘’Great needles and manipulation treatment to fix my back’’

Charles Sheffield

‘’ Really recommend Return to Perform … outstanding from the booking to the treatment 👍👍👍’’

Geoff Kirtland

‘’Lachlan understands high performance and everyday challenges with up to date knowledge and techniques to get me back to work/life at full capacity. Highly recommended’’

Trudy Sheffield
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